Glen Avon Hotel. Situated in the Moray village of Tomintoul, Scotland
Tomintoul hotel - Glen Avon hotel, on the Whisky Trail, Scotland
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Whisky explained, different types of Whisky.


Whisky produced with different grain, usually Indian corn or maize. It is produced by a continuous production method perfected by Angus Coffee and called either a continuous still or a coffee still. This type of whisky is lighter in colour and body and does not have the depth of flavours of a single malt whisky and is also much cheaper to produce, only very few grain whiskies are sold singularly, the most popular being Invergordon Single Grain


Blended whisky is grain blended with single malt whisky to create varied expressions. The grain whisky gives the bulk volume of the spirit, whilst the more robust taste comes from the single malt - Each bringing its own character and complementing the other. Grain whisky was originally designed to create an easier drinking whisky and a less expensive mixing whisky. Famous blended whiskies include Johnnie Walker, Bells, Famous Grouse, and Teachers.

Single Malt

Usually Scottish, whisky produced by distilling malted barley, usually in a pot still (malt) and the produce of one distillery (single). Single malt whisky has individual characteristics depending upon how the barley is malted, the size and shape of the stills, the number of distillations, the type and history of cask and the water used. In other parts of the World, whisky produced in a pot still may have other grains, other than malted barley - these are sometimes called pot still or pure pot still whiskies and can have similar characteristics to single malts.

Single Cask

Single cask whisky is the product of one single cask from one distillery. Each filling of a cask with whisky will vary sometimes greatly, second hand casks are used to give the whisky a unique flavour. Single cask bottlings are unique with only a limited number of bottles produced and those exact characteristics will never be repeated.

Vatted Malt

A mixture of malt whiskies from more than one distillery, these can be very interesting and quite good fun - try Sheep Dip or Pig's Nose.

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